Role of Parents in Child Life

role of parents in child life


          Today I want to share my experiences and views about the Role of parents in child life.  My son and Daughter both are computer engineer from the best college in Pune. Now both are working in the Multinational Companies.
        These things have happened 35 years ago. We were staying in a small town near Pune. It was a big joint family. There were 25 family members. Moreover, on an average  4-5 guest were visiting daily.  All the ladies in the house were overburdened. 
         My Mother in law was very generous. There was a special bonding between my mother-in-law and my children. I was the only person who was doing a Job at the Bank. Some of earning members of the family were doing business and other were going to our farm. I was not getting enough time to spend with my children. In the evening I used to make dinner for all.
        In those days Television was not affordable. Still, my husband bought a TV set for our family. Everyone was very happy. In the evening all the family members started sitting in front of the TV.
         Hence I took the advantage of this situation. My children started studying in front of me in our Big kitchen. At the same time , I was cooking, and they were studying. The important thing was that instead of watching TV my children preferred my company. 
        Every day I was asking them about their school, their friends and day’s activities. I was listening carefully to what they were telling. so that I was able to understand what was going on in their mind and in which way they were thinking. Then I was talking to them in such a manner(e.g. telling moral stories…  )  that all the doubts in their minds were vanishing automatically.

        Every day I was telling them moral stories. My children were fond of these stories. Stories taught them about life. They improved their listening skill. It stimulated their curiosity. 

       They developed the habit of reciting shlokas like Shubham karoti, Ganapati Stotra every evening after lighting the lamp.  It helped them to develop concentration, speech, and memory
      To spend quality time with  your child is very essential for his  mental, social. physical and social development. If working parents spent quality time with their child, they can establish a secure and healthy bond with him.
All this helped my children to

  • Be an optimist, rather than being a pessimist
  • Take appropriate decisions while selecting job profile/positions
  • Respect the opinion of others, and thoughtful justification for corrections if required,
  • Understand that Money is important but  “Money isn’t everything.

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