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       The trend of education is changed. There are increasing educational opportunities for all the students. Maths plays an important role in the success of every opportunity. Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. To learn math is necessary for every student. Every math skill requires deep understanding. There are many different branches of mathematics.

 Following are the Branches of Mathematics.

1)     Arithmetic: This is the oldest branch of Mathematics. We all use it in our daily routine It is a study of numbers. And deals with basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication.

2)     Algebra: This is the branch of Mathematics which deals with symbols usually letters of the alphabet and represent quantities

Without fixed values. These letters are called variables. With the help of Algebra, we can easily state a mathematical relationship and its equation.

3)     Geometry: This is the branch of Mathematics deals with study points, lines, surfaces, solids.

 Following qualities are nurtured by Mathematics

•       The power of reasoning

•       Abstract or spatial thinking

•       Critical thinking

•       Power solving ability

•       Creativity

 Most of the students are math-phobic because they think that it is a very tough subject and they can’t master at all. This negative attitude towards their subject stops them from focusing on the math problems, as a result, they get nervous before exams. They should remember the following things so that they can get rid of this situation.

1) Understand the basic concepts and master them.

2) Concentrate on their studies moreover do your homework.

3 ) Just reading and listening is not enough for Mathematics hence practice is very important.

4)Learn all the important Mathematical formulas and apply them  according to the concepts

5)Memorise multiplication tables because they reduce the time and energy, as a result, the mathematical calculations can be done very fast.

6) Not to ignore mistakes. Analyse and understand your mistakes. Take help of your teacher/ parents.                          Then every child can be a Mathematician.


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